The Shark’s Tail Dive Center

Our professional instructors have a wealth of experience, they would love to share with you. Constantly keeping up todate with the latest developments in techniques and technologies. They are some of the best on the Island.

Giving you a personal touch, without the large classroom numbers. Exceptional training you won’t get else where. We have an array of speciality courses. From entry level to the more changeling and rewarding . Advance your self with these quality SSI and Padi training courses

Go down with us

This is a 2 hour course that can be your introduction to the underwater world. Under the guidance of a fully qualified dive instructor you will take you first breaths underwater in the safe environment of our swimming pool. After that it is off to the ocean for a magical underwater adventure.

This is your first course to being a DIVER. The course is broken down into 3 parts. Theory section gives you all the knowledge you need to be a safe understanding diver. Confined water dive where you learn all the practical skill a diver needs to know and the first time you get to breath underwater. Open water dives, 4 in total where you get to put it all together and make your first real ocean dives.

The Advanced Adventurer is your passport into a deeper and more fascinating world in diving and only takes 2 days. You will Deep dive to a maximum depth of 30 meters ( here with the world famous Thresher sharks). Increase your skills with Navigation and choose 3 other dives that interest you. Whether it is underwater photography, night diving, drift diving or maybe take a second look at the sharks on nitrox.

Learn more about the type of diving you like to do. By doing a speciality course you will gain the skills and confidence a diver needs in the special areas of diving.

Learn to help yourself and others on a dive. Learn the skills it takes to stop and solve problems before they happen and learn how to save not only another diver but also save yourself.

Learn how to use Nitrox or enriched Air. Extend your bottom time and get the most of that tank on your back. This is also your first step into the Tec side of diving. The course is only 1 day and will get you down longer with our mystical Sharks


Learn the skill and the understanding to take you right to the limits of recreational diving. Over 3 dives you will dive to the maximum depth we an go 40 meters. Learn more about the safety and challenge of diving to the maximum. The equipment and techniques that will make a true deep dive safe and enjoyable. The course is 1 to 2 days with 3 deep dives.