Welcome to The Shark’s Tail Dive Resort

At the Shark’s Tail we have one philosophy which motivates us.

How can we exceed your expectations”?

A simple philosophy, but one that gives us unlimited potential for improvement. It fuels our drive to bring the best experiences to our guests, divers and students. With our pool making training easy or ideal for just relaxing at the end of the day.

Being a part of Malapascua, we have a firm commitment to the environment and the local community. This is upheld with behind-the-scenes policies for local farm purchasing, recycling, waste management and composting.

We have an ongoing local diver training program to assist in the understanding of our magical underwater environment and the need to preserve it.

With over 7 100 Islands, abundant in natural beauty and with warm tropical waters. The Philippines is one of the most stunning places on earth to dive.

And we think The Sharks Tail Dive resort is the best place to learn. From Gato to Monad shoal lets explore the deep blue together.

So come on. Go down with us.

“Had a fantastic experience learning to dive with the guys. Very professional, gave us confidence and made us feel safe every step of the way. 

It has opened up a whole new world, the Thresher sharks alone are worth it. We can highly recommend The Shark Tail Dive resort